Pizza and Paula-tics in Chicago tonight!

It’s time for Pizza and Paula-tics! Meet Paula Bradshaw – the Green Party’s breakthrough candidate for Congress in Southern Illinois! Her one and only appearance in Chicago! When: Tuesday, October 2, 2012, 6-8 pm Where: Jaks Tap, 901 W. Jackson Boulevard, (near Peoria St.), West Loop in the great city of Chicago, Illinois. We will be in the Green Room (of course!) Look: This will be on a Tuesday evening, alright? Tuesday evenings are usually a little boring (hump-day eve – yawn!) but you don’t have to sett le for boring. Come enjoy some great Chicago pizza and do something a little different for an hour or two. How can you possibly lose? Meet a candidate for Congress who stands for peace, progress and an actual PLAN for full employment and restoring environmental health. Paula Bradshaw is an outstanding representative for the Green Party who has a reasonable shot at becoming our FIRST EVER GREEN PARTY REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS! In a rare exception to the usual rule, the local debate sponsors are including her in ALL the debates and she is doing a great job! We have a real shot at the big upset! Are you skeptical? Good. That means you are a thinking person. We like people who think! Take a look at her website, at and then tell us what you think after you survey it. We’ll wait for awhile . . . . Okay, so you’re convinced now, right? Then come on out and join us! Donations certainly welcome and encouraged but do not feel obligated. We mainly want you to come on out, meet Paula and enjoy some stimulating company. Moral support is good too!

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