Why It’s Important in Illinois to only Vote on Election Day and always ask for Paper not Plastic

I don’t recommend early voting and I don’t recommend using the electronic touch screen voting machines.


Illinois Election law does not require multi partisan election judges at early voting sites and it’s cost prohibitive for there to be multi partisan and non partisan poll watcher coverage all day during the several days of early voting.

Also, for early voting, DuPage County, Chicago, and many other Illinois counties only provide the option of electronic touch screen voting machines to the voters. They do not provide the voters the option of using paper ballots for early voting. The electronic voting machines are easily rigged. That is why several counties in Illinois (e.g., neighboring Will County), several states (e.g., California), and several countries (e.g., Canada, Germany, Ireland) don’t use them. They only use paper ballots.

Also, votes cast during early voting can’t be recounted. The DuPage County Election Commission has known this since 2006 when Joe Vosicky (D), running for IL State House District 46, requested a recount due to a vote count difference of less than 1% and numerous election irregularities, but had to give up on the recount because the DuPage County Election Commission was charging his campaign $250 per hour to perform the recount with no end in sight regarding how long it would take and how much it would cost.

The problem with recounting early voting results in Illinois is that DuPage County, Chicago, and numerous other voting districts use the electronic voting machines exclusively for early voting and allow any voter from any precinct to vote early on any early voting machine in the district. If a recount is required, the Illinois State Board of Elections will provide the local election commission with a random list of 10% of the precincts and the local election commission has to take all the paper tapes on all the electronic voting machines and only count the results for the subset of precincts spread across all the paper tapes. The end result is that it is cost prohibitive to recount an election in DuPage County and Chicago and for any state wide office, as a large percentage of votes are cast in Illinois in these two voting districts.

You will have a choice of a paper ballot or a electronic voting machine on Election Day, so…

Don’t vote early!

Only vote on Election Day and always ask for paper not plastic!

I base this advice on my experience monitoring elections in DuPage County since 2004 for Illinois Ballot Integrity and the DuPage County Green Party.

Steve Alesch

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2 Responses to Why It’s Important in Illinois to only Vote on Election Day and always ask for Paper not Plastic

  1. Lisa Moklak says:

    Thanks so much. Due to this article, I will be voting on election day and will request a paper ballot.

  2. Steve Alesch says:

    Yep. I’ll be asking for paper not plastic as well on Tuesday. If anyone can provide leads to a lawyer that could provide pro bono legal assistance it would be greatly appreciated. We have tremendous election injustice in DuPage County that needs to be exposed to public scrutiny.