Green Party Election Day Guide

When you head out to the polls tomorrow, please consider the following choices…

  Jill Stein for President

IMPORTANT BALLOT NOTE! Cheri Honkala will not appear on the ballot in Illinois as the Vice-Presidential candidate. Howie Hawkins will appear instead. Please do not attempt to cast a write-in vote – your vote for Jill will still count. For more information about this ballot issue, please read the FAQ.

  Nancy Wade for 5th Congress

The 5th District includes much of the North Side of Chicago and parts of western Cook County and eastern DuPage County.
Numerous volunteers are sought for Election Day. Click here to sign up!
Election Night: Join Greens throughout Chicago at The Globe Pub, 1934 W. Irving Park Rd., starting at 7:00.

  Paula Bradshaw for 12th Congress

The 12th District covers much of Southern and Southwestern Illinois, including Mount Vernon, Marion, Carbondale, Belleville, East St. Louis, and more.
Election Night: Join Greens at the home of E.G. Hughes, starting at 7:00.

  Dave Ehrlich for MWRD
  Karen Roothaan for MWRD
  Nasrin Khalili for MWRD

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago is almost exactly contiguous with the borders of Cook County. Note that you vote for three people, so be sure to vote for all three Green candidates!

  Frank Wedig for McHenry County Board

Frank’s district includes Woodstock and the surrounding area.

  NO on HJRCA49

HJRCA49 (Constitutional Amendment 5.1) is a severe anti-worker, anti-democracy amendment. Read more about ILGP’s strong opposition here.

  YES on the Move To Amend question

An advisory referendum asking if the U.S. Constitution should be amended to get corporate money out of elections is on the ballot in numerous jurisdictions, including the City of Chicago, Kane County, and several parts of DuPage County. Green leaders were instrumental in putting the question on the ballot in several places, and this is one of our biggest issues. Corporations are not people, and the rights extended to corporations have undermined our democracy and taken power away from individual people.

More details…

  YES on an Elected School Board in Chicago

In several wards of Chicago, an advisory referendum is on the ballot asking whether the City of Chicago should have an elected school board. It is currently appointed by the Mayor, and is the only non-elected school board in Illinois. Since the board is under such limited control, it has been populated with charter advocates and others with no background in education who see public schools as a fund which can be raided. The Green Party strongly supports direct election of the Chicago school board.

  YES on Electricity Aggregation

Voters in Chicago and some other cities will be asked if they think their cities should purchase electricity in bulk on behalf of residents. This has the potential to lower electricity rates and to source power from renewable sources. We support these aggregation efforts.

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