Wade and Bradshaw Establish their Districts; Twice as Many Votes Cast for Stein in 2012

Congratulations to all the 2012 Illinois Green Party candidates including:

  • Nancy Wade (IL-5) and Paula Bradshaw (IL-12) who established their districts for 2014 by both getting over 5% of the vote
  •  Jill Stein (President) who got, by percentage, twice as many votes as were cast for the Green Party presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney, in 2008.
  • The Green Party MWRD candidates, Dave Ehrlich,  Karen Roothaan, and Nasrin Khalili, who did better than ever before in yesterday’s election. They received 12.5% of the total vote.

All of the Illinois Green Party candidates stepped up and made incalculable personal sacrifices to wage hard fought inspirational campaigns in an effort to actually have some elected officials that represent the 99%.

We thank them all.  They made a difference.  Words can not explain how much this meant to so many people to see someone actually fighting for them.

And to all their campaign workers and supporters, THANK YOU!

Keep fighting the good fight!

Let’s build on this in 2014.

We are still receiving updates for other Green Party candidates results.   We will post those here as soon as they arrive, so check back later for the latest Illinois Green Party election updates.

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