DuPage Greens Election Recommendations

Feeling disenfranchised because you don’t see any Greens on your DuPage County sample ballot? You are not alone. Here’s why that happened.

We do have some recommendations for the following countywide non-binding propositions on the ballot.

Countywide Ballot Proposition Recommendations

  • The first countywide proposition says, “Shall DuPage County oppose the General Assembly instituting a property tax increase equivalent to 1% of your home’s value to help retire state debt?”

Note the deliberately confusing language.  If you vote yes, you are actually voting no to the tax increase. If you vote no, it’s a double negative and you are actually voting yes for the tax increase.  Confused?  That’s what the Two Party Tyranny controlled DuPage County Board, who unanimously put this on the ballot, is counting on.

The DuPage County Green Party recommends that you vote YES, meaning we oppose this tax increase because property taxes are unfair regressive taxes.  Instead, the budget and pension problems should be easily resolved via a graduated Illinois income tax and the LaSalle Street Tax. It’s about time the rich started paying their fair share in Illinois.

  • The second proposition says, “Shall DuPage County oppose the creation of a statewide Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT) which would tax DuPage County citizens based upon the number of miles driven annually?”

This is another deliberately confusing question unanimously placed on the ballot countywide by the DuPage County Board.

The DuPage County Green Party recommends that you vote NO, because the looming existential threat of global warming makes it imperative that we do everything we can to limit the burning of fossil fuels.  This is a step in the right direction because it will provide incentives to reduce the the number of fossil fuel burning vehicles on Illinois roads.

  • The third proposition says, “Shall DuPage County continue to dissolve and consolidate units of local government to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and increase accountability?”

You guessed it, this was also unanimously placed on the ballot by that same DuPage County Board which is 100% controlled by the two party tyranny.

The DuPage County Green Party recommends that you vote NO, because this question is too vague.  Some consolidation proposals are good ideas, like the recent consolidation of the DuPage County Election Commission to be under the County Clerk’s office, but other consolidation ideas are not such good ideas.  We need to consider the merits of government consolidation proposals on a per case basis.

Judicial Retention Recommendation


The DuPage County Green Party recommends that you vote NO, because we oppose judges that lie to police investigators and judges that retaliate against multiple employees because they filed sexual harassment charges against the judge. We need DuPage judges that do not bring the judicial office into disrepute.

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