Fiscal Responsibility
I will continue to protect the quality of our parks as they currently exist, while making thoughtful, sustainable, well timed and sensibly financed improvements to facilities and programming.

Unmet Parks and Recreational Needs
While there are a number of sports and exercise programs available to children and older adults, I am always looking for new programming ideas from residents.  Feel free to send me your suggestions via the Contact Us page.

Open Space
According to the Department of Natural Resources, the Warrenville Park District has a relatively low amount of open space per capita, which was cited as a reason for the denial of a renovation grant for Kiwanis Park.

While Warrenville is surrounded by open spaces with some of the area’s most beautiful forest preserves, having open spaces within the district, especially within walking distance of residents’ homes, is important to both the quality of life for our community as well as our district’s fiscal health. Given that property values everywhere are still depressed, there may be opportunities to acquire open space at lower costs, both from private owners and other units of government.

Whatever opportunities exist, we need to keep taxpayers in mind. Even small increases in tax bills can be incredibly burdensome to families, so with each project we have to ask 1) can we realistically finance this without burdening the taxpayers 2) do the people within our district want this 3) does this improve the quality of life of our residents.

The other part of the equation is, we must protect the open space that we currently have.

As your commissioner I have provided direction and leadership in improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of the Warrenville Park District.  As a result of my suggestion, a Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) audit of the Park District was held, which identified several areas for improvement, such as LED lighting for the Recreation Center parking lot.  If re-elected, I will remain vigilant in identifying additional energy efficiency improvements because it saves taxpayers dollars and creates a healthier planet for our children.