Lisle Township Residents Vote YES to Place a Global Warming Action Question on their November 2022 Ballot!


Lisle Township voters you rock! Thank you for turning out in support and voting YES at last night’s 2022 Lisle Township Annual Town Meeting to place the following advisory public question on the Nov. 8, 2022 ballot for all Lisle Township voters:

Should the State of Illinois, their agencies and political subdivisions, set up a zero-to-negative carbon emissions priority date of 1/1/30 to address climate action now and set the same priority date in commercial regulation?

If you are not familiar with the Annual Town Hall Meeting, Illinois law requires that townships hold an annual township meeting, on the second Tuesday in April (April 12 in 2022). At this meeting, members of the public have the same voting power as the elected township board members; therefore a majority vote of registered township voters in attendance can put a non-binding advisory public question on the ballot for the next election.

We were very excited to participate in this unique annual opportunity to exercise direct democracy!

I’m sure you know we only have a few short years left to begin seriously addressing global warming. Lisle Township voters now have an opportunity on their November 2022 ballot to raise their concern to Illinois lawmakers regarding this existential issue.

The DuPage County Green Party wants to thank Anna Schiefelbein, 2022 Green Party candidate for State House (IL-85), for organizing the effort to place this question on Lisle Township voters’ November ballot!

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