Do you want to make a difference in your town and state government? Get involved with the DuPage Greens and help elect Green Party candidates so we can change how our local politics are run.

Signup to Volunteer for the DuPage Green’s Booth at the 9-10-22 Naperville Pride Fest!

Upcoming Events

  • DuPage Greens August Meeting, Wed. Aug. 10th, 7-8pm, Virtual, Details
  • Pro Choice and Fridays for Future Rally for Zero Carbon Emissions, Fri. Sep. 2nd, 5-6pm, Downtown Naperville IL, Details TBA
  • DuPage Greens September Meeting, Wed. Sep. 14th, 7-8pm, Virtual, Details TBA
  • Pro Choice and Fridays for Future Rally for Zero Carbon Emissions, Fri. Oct. 7th, 5-6pm, Downtown Naperville IL, Details TBA

All upcoming events can be found at dupagegreens.org and facebook.com/dupagegreens/events.

Online Store

Check out the DuPage Greens online store where you can show your support for the only party that will end mass extinction, endless wars for empire, wealth inequality, etc., etc!

The Human Caused Global Warming Caused Mass Extinction Clock is Ticking!

Concerned about?

  • Human caused Global Warming caused Mass Extinction!
  • Wealth Inequality!
  • Healthcare Inequality!
  • Countless Forever Wars!
  • Corporate Controlled Government!
  • Etc., Etc.

All perpetuated by the two corporate controlled parties!

It’s time to #BreakTheTwoPartyTyrantsShackles

What are we gonna do?

To help us make that happen, please consider donating to the DuPage Greens. It takes lots of small individual donations from people like you to cover the expenses required to support candidates and grow the Green Party in DuPage County, since as I’m sure you know, we don’t take any big money special interest contributions so we can fight for economic, social, environmental, racial and democratic justice for everyone in DuPage County.

Steve Alesch
Chair, DuPage County Green Party

(630) 447-0606
chair @ dupagegreens.org

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